Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Thought I Felt Something!

Turns out there were two minor earthquakes in Israel! Goodness, I hope that should anything ever happen (chas v'shalom), I'm not caught in front of the computer blogging away. I'd be embarrassed!

Here's a link to the report:

Earthquake in Israel

And HERE for more interesting news on earthquake in Israel.


Mes Deux Cents said...


Join the club. I live, as you know in earthquake country. We had a 5 point something quake a few weeks ago. And guess what I was doing when it happened? Blogging! (lol)

It happened in the evening at a little after 8. I don't worry as much about quakes as I used to because I don't live in an apartment anymore. I used to really worry about them then.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey Miriam,

Yeah I thought something was up when the horses next to my job started freaking out and my office shook a bit. And so close to Annapolis. hmmmm

Ehav Ever said...

By the way I took photos of the rainbow the other day over Jerusalem. I am going to upload it today.

Also, I put up the first post about racism and antisemitism. I may add more to that particular post or continue with the new one next week.

Miriam said...

MDC, well, truth be told,when I felt the earthquake I was also blogging lol

Ehav, close to Annapolis timewise or physically close?