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Friday, February 20, 2009

Perhaps Jewish Women Who Wear Shaytels/Wigs

Well, we can economize by using a certain type of weave. There seems to be a certain type of weave that can serve as hair covering AND as a bullet proof helmet!

(hat tip: Aunt Jemima's Revenge)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Every Mitzvah

Let every mitzvah ona does count in the merit of bringing the reigns of moshiach, to bring rain, peace, etc.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If I Could

Though I don't have much blogging time, I so wish I could list all the various miracles that have happened in the past few days.

I recently went on a blog, and on it someone was joking about some miracle. Ha ha. My heart swelled. If only they knew miracles did happen. I feel that if I put them out, I'd be regarded as crazy, but I know what I've seen. And much has been said.

The most recent of all was the "lady in black" who, each time the Israeli troops attempted to enter a house to search for Hamastans, she would appear and beg them not to enter the house. This happened about three times. (the beautiful part -the part that won't get reported, is the compliance of these soldiers who allowed this mysterious lady to pull at their heartstrings! What if it was a trick?!)

Only afterwards they realized that those houses were boobytrapped. I'd like to know how they figured that out. But it seems this is one of the many miracles that was confirmed.

Another one, is that every time a rocket is shot at Israeli towns, the sirens go off and people run to various designated protective sites. Well, the last rocket that got launched just before the cease fire -no sirens rang! Luckily for that because the rocket landed right on one of those protective sites - no one was there. One lady who was nearby got injured.

This is a wake up call!

We are not at war with Hamas. We are in an internal spiritual war. People will struggle and struggle and try to find out who is to blame, why is Israel x, and what is Palestinians y. No. Those things are irrelevant. Fixing ourselves internally will sort its way outwardly and fix our outwards situations. I know this sounds crazy. This messages it meant more for the sloven believers who need a stirring.

No time for hesitation!

Obama came into his presidency riding on the notion that its time for a change. Change truly IS in the air. He got it. He rode on it. Now its also up to us to ride the waves of change as well. Pull out your big guns. Your Psalms, prayer books, your good deeds, tefillin /philacteries, your acts of charity, alms. Put on your caps /tallis, you superheroes. Win the favor of God for the Holy One, Blessed be His Name, wants to be conquered.

We must try to bring peace WITH peace THROUGH peace. Let's try?

(you can read more miracles from Rabbi Brody at Lazer Beams blog)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lakewood Venter We Miss You!!!

Whatever happened, please stay strong. You probably don't have access to all your friends on the blogosphere anymore. Just giving you a shout out.

Live Life Truly. Be Happy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sometimes the Bandage is Simple

Darfur women enjoying cooking with solar cookers! Solar cookers keep them from having to venture into the desert to find firewood. This search is usually where they end up getting raped.

Solar cookers Project

Sounds Good!

Yet another good organization:

Jewish World Watch works to mobilize synagogues, their schools, their members and the community to combat genocide and other egregious violations of human rights around the world through education, advocacy, and refugee relief.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Movies That Teach

Some sages teach that when its time for a certain knowledge to enter into the world, it descends. It enters the realm of "us". Then, whoever is perceptive enough will catch that idea. And those who are diligent enough will catch that idea, run with it, patent it, share it, use it to abuse others, or whatever depending on the type of person they are.

There are some other teachings that while I enjoy learning, I had a hard time trying to apply it in a practical sense. But certain movies really help to bring the idea closer to home. Those movies are:

The Matrix

The Secret


I'm sure many religions teach this, but for sure Judaism teaches that we need to "Wake up from our slumber!" And live in the present. The Now. Honestly, I am a simple person. When I was first learning Torah, I had to rely on my mathematical skills to really understand concepts such as clean vs unclean, etc. I am the kind of "slow learner", I guess, that I need my secular studies to enhance my religious studies. Funny.

Though I learned about how the imagination is a strong tool that can help us achieve phenomenal things. That was its purpose. However, wicked people are trying to direct every one's imagination to the gutter.

One of Rabbi Nachman's teachings is urging people to wrestle their power of imagination back for themselves.

These things I also found in the movie Matrix. It was exhilarating to see it played out in somewhat of a practical sense. If the spiritual world was as tangible as the Matrix was to Nero, etc. It would make for less doubt! lol

Another teaching that I've been struggling with was the fact that the mind is very powerful. So powerful, in fact, that the Torah asks us to BE Happy, or to Hate Amalek, or to do something with the emotions. I used to think, how can I control my own emotions, they just respond like an impulse to things. Now this big black book is telling me I should reign over it?!

Certain holidays we are just "expected" to become sad like in Tisha B'Av. Other holidays, like in Purim, we are expected to be cheerful. I tend to be cheerful, so those parts are not so hard. But to condition myself to be sad.... To *feel* as though I was in Egypt just as all the other Jews of way back when were..... To mourn over the Holy Temple that was destroyed...... I needed help with those.

The Secret helped. Not saying I believed everything from these movies. I only gleamed from them that which enabled me to understand my Torah better. And that movie really showed how powerful the mind could be!

The most recent movie was Zeitgeist. So much conspiracy theories abound. I can't say that I believe it or that I don't believe it. Truth is becoming a commodity in this world -people are wont to shape it as they see fit or most advantageous. Thus, its almost impossible for me to dig up for myself and know truthfully what really is. This makes me fall back on the old tradition. (It also helps me to realize why the Druze kept their religion so secret. Less eyes, less tampering, less doubt. Also less proof but, I guess that's where faith comes in). In my case, I do have a simple faith (or try to). I do believe that Moses received the Torah from God, transferred it to Joshua, who transferred it to the Elders, and so on and so on. I know that I believe in the sages for sure up to the Tannaim. After that, I admit I have doubts here and there with a few exceptions (the Vilna Gaon, Rebbi Nachman, Moshe Chaim Luzzato to name a few exceptions).

At any rate, in the movie Zeitgeist ii alleged that there is a sinister plan to unify the world -for the sake of greed. That, I almost don't doubt. Because if there is a move toward oneness, then I know God is behind it -even if he uses peoples' greed to maneuver things that way. In the end it will be good. (Nevertheless, my survival instinct makes me angry that so much lives should be wasted, and I want my own life preserved! Please God).

The movie also talked about living in the Now. A very important teaching!

The end of Zeitgeist proposed the answer of the power of love. Now isn't that what all the religions have been trying to express? What went wrong? Anyway, this is also a nice teaching but its very hard to live it practically.

I love life. I love being Jewish -being part of a stiff necked people who just never conform to things and are hated because of that. I can't help it. I pray that I learn honestly and live properly and do good. that is truly ALL.