Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meme Time: Here we go...

Hey all. Its back to the meme games! This one even has a name: the Eight Ball. I got tagged by FrumHouse, so, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present you the Eight Ball Meme....

8 Passions in my life:
My family
Unity for the Jewish People
Beautiful awareness and awakening for black women everywhere
Learning and retaining Torah lessons
blogging (hey, at least i'm honest! lol)
Being a better person (to myself, and for others sake.)
Learning and retaining some secular knowledge

8 Things to do before I die:
Well of course, say shema
give all my enemies the birdie
Make peace with everyone/thing (otherwise, see above)
Make sure my kids have great marriage partners *oy!*
Get my life extended somehow
finally, but FINALLY accept it gracefully when my husband gives me a compliment
Make sure my sister has a great marriage partner
Make a last effort towards the above 8 passions in my life

8 Things I often say:
it's okay, it's okay.....
Wait a second!
Can you get off me?!
Okay time for........!
Papa's home!!!! (when Hubby comes home)
Wanna come over? (to sister)
Somebody Help meeeeeeee!

8 Books I read recently:
Baby Steps (by Chana Weisberg)
A Career of Happiness (R. Avigdor Miller)
Pirkey Avot (I carry the pocket sized ones for quick reads)
Likutey Moharan (but I"m always reading that...)
Awareness (M. Adahan. always flipping through that one too)
Garden of Emuna (R. Arush /R. Brody HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)

8 Songs that mean something to me:
Tehillim /Psalm 121 by Yosef Karduner. Its just sooo deep.
Baruch SheAmar by Ain Ode Milvado
Hashem Melekh by Yosef Karduner
Aishet Chayil from the A-cappella CD
Better than I by David Campbell in the Joseph: King of dreams movie
We Will Survive by Jordan Chaviv

8 Qualities I look for in a friend:
Straightforwardness (is that the same as Honesty? I don't think so )
Socially skilled (at least somewhat)
Open mindedness
Cool with me in private AND in public
Good listener

8 People to tag:
Rafi G
Chassidishe Yingerman
Heshy? from Frum Satire ( I hope I don't regret this one)
Fashionista Cat
(have to think up more folks. but just wanted to get this out..)


frumhouse said...

Yeah! Clap, clap clap! Great answers! Thanks for doing this..

Rafi G said...

very interesting...
we shall see...thanks for thinking of me, but I rarely do these....

Miriam said...

Rafi, I TOTALLY understand if you don't do it. You should see the space of time from when I actually got tagged and now that I did it.

You don't have to. It'll be interesting though lol

Lion of Zion said...

seven separate questions, each requring 8 answers? i once declared my blog meme-free out of frustration, but this one takes the cake! (i've actually been wanting to start a particur meme for while, but have held off.)

Tr8erGirl said...

Great answers! BTW - very nice story about how you met your husband! Looks like he got a great woman, and you, a great man! :-)

Miriam said...

Lion- no rush. No, really take a nice looooong time on that. lol

Tr8erGirl- thanks! I saw your list. Very interesting!

hesh said...

Hope you wont regret it huh? Well it is one long pain in the ass meme, but I will probably get around to it sooner or later.

Miriam said...

lol Hesh! you're sweet!

Lady-Light said...

Hi! Found you through your comment on Yingerman's blog.
Yay, memetime! I love memes. Tag me! Tag me!

Miriam said...

Well since I only tagged 6 people (and secretly hoped no one would notice lol) consider yourself tagged!

I'll check out your blog to see your list!

Anonymous said...

very nice!!
stopping bye to say hello, as i was in the area.

Miriam said...

Nuch! i missed you!

Lady-Light said...

Thank you for the tag-- sorry I'm late (I'm queen of the procrastinators, so I'm allowed.).
But now the time has finally come for me to blog about the 'meme of eight,' or was it seven? Anyway, I was tagged by another blogger (the two of you together were a good kick in the rear), so it's time to do it. Next post. I promise. (Bli neder).