Monday, February 04, 2008

Why do People Try

I was just over at Orthonomics, reading about what a "harry" is. Sad sad sad. People try to fit into societies- especially those that don't really want them? Appreciate them?

It just makes me want to shake my head. So many times, and from dear people, I hear statements of judgement? criticism? definitely odd ballish towards the 'other'. And this is not only in FFBs vs BTs.

What hurts is that the BT are really pushing and making efforts to fit into the FFBs society. Okay they make a mistake here and there, but to mock it and laugh at it speaks of a callousness that bespeaks of the heart. Perhaps they are just uneasy about the whole thing.

I think I need to hear some good news about FFBs.

What would happen if people just was themselves, and didn't try to conform to anybody else's standards?

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