Monday, September 03, 2007

Gadi Pollack

Long long ago, i've wanted to make a frum comic book. I had all sorts of ideas for the main character, the villains, plots, everything. However, for various reasons -the main reason being I couldn't find a good enough drawer- I held back.

I've been kicking myself since.

A while back, I bought some middot books for my kids to read and discovered all these relatively recent "comic book-ish" books. Man! that could've been me! They can't get enough of the Incredible Voyage to Good Middos" by Baruch Chait, and all its series. I can't get over the drawings! Now we've moved on to other books drawn by Gadi Pollack such as "A Tale of Seven Sheep" and "A Moving Tale" and another one about the stories from the Maggid of Dubno (I don't remember the name at the moment, in Hebrew its "Ma'ase shelo Haya).

I really want to know more about this Gadi Pollack fellow. Who is he? What's his story? Does any one know?


I just found this from

"Pollack, an immigrant from Russia and a sculptor by profession who lives in Kiryat Sefer, relates that he began the process of becoming religiously observant after a gentile asked him to make a comic strip about the Bible and he began to delve into the subject. He and Goldschmidt study in the mornings at the kollel (yeshiva for married men) in Kiryat Sefer, which Pollack smilingly calls "the artists' lane." The flowering of comics has created a demand for good artists in the ultra-Orthodox community; about a year ago, when Pollack was overwhelmed by offers, he started a course for comics artists in Kiryat Sefer. One of his students is Beifuss. Yoni Gerstein, the cartoonist for Yated Ne'eman, who is also newly observant, has taken a group of comics creators under his professional wing."


Shavonne said...

Nowadays, you don't need to know how to draw. In fact, all you need is a camera and some willing subjects to photograph and a program called Comic Life, and presto, instant comic. If you're interested, more details about the program can be found at

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and especially for sending some positive energy my way. I'll be seeing you around the blogosphere.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Gadi Pollack is one of the more popular Frummie comic writers out there.

He wrote the three "Gavitanic" Series,

The Katz Haggadah, very nice.

Miriam said...

I added an addedum to the post. More info about Gadi Pollack.

Shavonne -Thanks for stopping by! I have to check out that site.

JDJ -besides his bentcher and the Haggadah (I thought it was too gruesome for the kids) I think I have all his books.

prof said...

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ArtChic said...

Zevy's faves are the bad middos pirates and the Katz Haggada.... he cant get enough of Pollack's art. He's a genius in this department.

Miriam said...

My kids also like that one. I can't stop laughing at Lazy Larry!

bahaltener said...

Gadi Pollack is a professional artist/designer. He is a baal tshuvo who grew up in Kishinev (Moldavia) and later moved to Eretz Yisroel.

You can hear his autobiographic story here (though it is in Russian)

Sample of his work.

Danit said...

Hey, I can say I am surely the biggest fan of Gadi Pollacks illustrations.
Nothing like them.
I'm not embarressed to admit that I look at them at my bedtime and I'm over 18!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

do you know how i can contact Gadi?
pls let me know. my e-mail is AceStudios AT


Anonymous said...

Hello I like your drawings in aim and all your books. I would like to confirm your drawing style, is it manga or American or a mix? I can't figure it out? And do you have any tips on how to draw and when is your magazine coming out? We are so excited to get it. Have a good rosy hashna :)