Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elul in my Neighborhood

Hi folks,

They say in Elul, Hashem puts on His jeans and comes a bit closer to talk with folks. So, let Him know wassap!!!

A funny thing. My neighborhood must be shofar blowers' haven. Almost every evening, I can hear shofar blowers practicing. I almost expect it.

Speaking of Rosh Hashana, its suppose to be a three day affair -since we slide into shabbat. Hubby might go to Uman, so I hope to have some pictures from that. Stay tuned!


Common Sense Jew said...
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Common Sense Jew said...

Sorry messed up the comment. What i wanted to say was that i like your blog. my dad had an employee that was an A.A. gioress. i read your post about what people think about geirim/os. The author of mesillas yeshorim wrote another excellent sefer called Derech Hashem in which he says that geirim are the souls of non jews who at sinai desired to accept the torah but were not chosen because of the rest of their respective races' were uninterested. The purity of these souls was recognised by god and they take the form of geirim throughout history. i am not making this up.

Miriam said...

Hi CSJ -Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thanks re: Derech Hashem. I wish I could find more info on geirim. Like does that mean their taiva is like that of the people they came from or not? Do they have a mission to do with the ppl they came frum, I mean from? Are they suppose to bring something? etc etc. Its a fascinating topic for me. But I am so weary as to where I get the info from.

Anonymous said...

oy my head hurts form those kids blowing shofars

will there be a meeting point for jewish bloggers in Uman ;-)

Jacob Da Jew said...

Tell your husband to be careful of what he eats.

My brother-in-law came down with a massive attack of food poisoning from the catering on the airlines/hotels.

He was vomiting the whole time there.

Miriam said...

Nuch -I'll relay the message. I'd be relieved (secretly) if he went w/ someone who's been there before.

JDJ -thanks for the tip. I'll tell hubby. My husband knows one of the cooks from the Breslov Tzfat group that's going, I hope that makes a difference.