Saturday, December 08, 2007

You Just Get It

I am so grateful for Shabbat. Its my rare chance to actually just sit down and read a book guilt free. Blogosphere can't get me! lol Can't use the computer on Shabbat. So, I was reading more Rebbe Nachman stuff. In particular, his stories. And I ran across something that reminded me of Heshy from Frum Satire and the Lakewood Ventor.

I hope I can repeat it well: Basically, that humor is not logical. It goes beyond logic; and is actually on a higher level than logic, the level of Keter. (Keter is the part of understanding where you just "get" something. Its not based on logic. The knowledge sort of just falls into your brain. Whatever, its higher level than chokhmah and binah) Anyway, people have discussed how to define a "joke". What makes something humorous. I've heard that its the juxta positioning of one event, to a very contrasting event (e.g. a noble man from high society walking with his nose in the air as he passes his servants awaiting his approval. Suddenly in one gawking motion he falls right on his bum!) But it doesn't explain Why is that so funny.

Anyway, other interesting things that I read was this: (being brief) In order to compose satire, one must be in a position to see an entire country.

:A person can be known through his cup, his purse and his anger --and also through his humor. (I take it to mean a country as a whole as well).

Anyway, this is not comprehensive, to say the least. But, I really enjoyed reading Rebbe Nachman's The Humble King story. I just have to think about it for a few days now...

You can read The Humble King here.


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