Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Israeli Americans

Recently I was on a bus with my little ones -all three and under. It wasn't easy! Luckily a friend of mine was also on the bus and told me her husband was going to pick her up at the central bus station. she offered me a ride! I was glad and we struck up a steady conversation.

My friend is an Indian Jewish lady and doesn't speak English. She speaks Hebrew and probably her native tongue from India. Now, my Hebrew is not that great. Every day I feel like I'm breaking my teeth trying to communicate. sometimes I get the tenses wrong, sometimes I get the plural vs singular wrong, gender. By the end of the day, I am sure I made a few people laugh.

Anyway, we got to the bus station and there was the husband in the car. We all got in. As my friend and her husband spoke, from his accent -the 'r's' and some of the o's sound, I could tell that he was a native English speaker who was speaking Hebrew.

This happens often. I'm speaking Hebrew to someone and from their accent I realize that we could easily turn this conversation into English. Yet, I don't. And they don't. But I wonder if its in the back of their minds like its in mine...


Lion of Zion said...

i would never give me kid a name with an "r" because i just can't get it right.

Miriam said...

lol. and the "chet"