Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sounds Good!

Yet another good organization:

Jewish World Watch works to mobilize synagogues, their schools, their members and the community to combat genocide and other egregious violations of human rights around the world through education, advocacy, and refugee relief.



Ra'ayah Israel said...

Shalom Miriam,

Thank you for mentioning this site. Darfur has been huge on my mind. I am presently reading a book "Slave:My True Story" by Mende Nazar a young Sudanese women whose family was murdered and she was sold in to slavery in Khartoum. And the April 2008 issue of National Geographic has an article about one brave journalist's journey in to the nightmare of Darfur and the region. I wanted to do something more than be angry and hate the Jangaweed Arab militia men (I still hate them) but I think with this organization and others like it such as SaveDarfur.org I can put the rage to doing something.

By the way, I will be coming to Israel for a wedding and staying for Pesach. I hope to see you and the mishpacha.

Miriam said...


Its so wonderful to hear from you! I just sent you an email. And did something on the black fire white fire blog which you may be interested in.

We'll talk. Looking forward to seeing you!

rebecca said...

Infant Joy


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