Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can Someone Help?

Can anyone tell me why must my choices be either a billy goat's milk or the hormone infested cow's milk? Billy goat's cheese or the hormone and chemically infested cow's cheese.

Isn't there the one cow, with the one farmer who keeps his cow natural and sells non- hormonal milk and cheese???


Rafi G said...

nowadays? haha... everybody shoots up their animals with hormnones to increase production and to keep the copw around for longer than naturally possible...

you might be able to find organic milk that does not have as much...

Tr8erGirl said...

soy milk!

although soy cheese is yucky!

Siditty said...

soy milk ick!!!!!

Organic Milk maybe? For some reason regular milk that is full of hormones has a shorter shelf life than organic milk. I wonder why?

Miriam said...

Wait, So I can get Organic COW milk? OKay, I have to check that out. Thanks!

Soy milk I do, but i'm not a soy person. Too much and I get eeeky. lol

Tania said...

I second organic cow's milk! that's what we drink in our house. Taste better too.

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Fiberartchic said...

Be careful of too much soy too... also no good they say those hormones in the milk bring puberty in girls earlier than they should be getting. Hey M when you find out where to find non-hormonal chalav Yisrael organic free range milk that is also paturized lemme know!

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