Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Spiritual Connection -- Unscrambling my Thoughts

Here is basically what I meant to say in my previous post entitled "What's The Spiritual Connection"

Do you notice that almost all the fighting, violence, etc all seem to be about tzniut. That is like the main topic.

I have a crazy theory which I tried to develop in my blog, but i'm feeling Mr. Lazy taking over me. lol

Anyway, the theory is that it all fits. fighting terrorism and the threat to divy up the land - all have to do with the exile of Ishmael (i.e. their brit vs Jewish people's brit)and the who has right to the land.

Even the brit is connected to tzniut, sexual things, guarding the eye, etc.

If we are worthy of redemption, then it happens from above downwards,Hashem just gives it; if not, then it happens from downwards arousaling (us praying, fighting, whatever) causing upwards arousaling (Hashem responding)

Anyway, I'll cut it short -in case i'm not making any sense lol- I think it may be worthwhile if true thinking folks....sorry i'm not saying rabbonim (I want to have faith in them but..)if true thinking and caring folks would come up with a proper way of dealing with tzniut, guarding the brit, etc.

Right now I think its left in the hands of evil. Like evil is spilling out the good parts that it held, but we gotta know what to do with it. (basically enough defense, where's our offense).

Am I being too spiritual? Am I making sense?

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