Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Yosef Karduner! My favorite singer!

I am so excited! There is an article about Yosef Karduner. I think he's one of Israel's best musician. My humble opinion LOLOL.

Here's the link.

OMG! One of my favorite songs that he sang was Shir La'maalot (Psalm 121). I tell you, everytime I listened to it, I would tell people around me, I'm sure he must have been davening (praying) just before he came up with that melody. Sure enough, in the interview that's pretty much what he says! He was meditating when this melody came to him.


Yosef said...

Anyone who is interested in being informed of Yosef Karduner performances, music release information , or any other requests should send an email to YosefKardunerMusic@gmail.com

Miriam said...

Don't tell me that was Yosef Karduner who just posted on my blog. lol

Rafi G said...

Yosef K is great and he sings with emotion. Maybe that is what makes him so great!

Miriam said...

Rafi -I don't know one song of his that I don't like.