Saturday, December 15, 2007

So much activism!

For a while, there has been a trend of moaning. Its like I could hear? feel? a low level moaning going on throughout various groups of people. I hear the moaning many FFBs about how they can't deviate from what their parents' shitta is or else they ostracized. Moaning from BT and others about askanim vs the real gedolim and other social affairs. I am even hearing moanings outside of the Jewish world -many black women of America and other women of color are tired of being tired of the problems, images, corruption, violence, etc going on against them and their children.

Now, I'm feeling a different wind. People are gearing up for action against what they feel are not correct. Of course, I had to "run" over to Daniel's website to see what's going on by them and this is what I found:

The first meeting for the "sacks and ashes" operation will take place at the Western Wall on Wednesday 19 Dec, 2007
at 2:30.

Activism! A call for action. If life was a movie, I'd be munching on my popcorn at a faster pace right about now...


Tr8erGirl said...

nice observation! so what will you be taking action for (or against)?

Miriam said...

Well, hubby is considering going to do the sack & ashes thing. I'm still on the fence for Jewish activism.

However, on the AA women front, I hope to do press release type things against the ever mounting crimes against black women and children. You don't want to know about those stuff.

but if you do you can get all the sad news here. lol

Tania said...

Nice post, I'm thinking the same things. After a while people just get sick and tired of being oppressed and must take a stand.

Tr8erGirl said...

interesting - thanks for the link.....(though i felt as though i was intruding a bit!) Noble causes, all! Makes me wonder what action I would take!