Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogs Galore!!!

Hi all,

Certain blogs I just enjoy! I just wanted to list two of them....

Juggling Frog
To me, she's the Jewish Martha Stewart! Everything you want and need to know about home projects, etc. This is the place! With such ingeniously creative works and thrifty uses of things, I can't help but to learn from her.

Fiber ArtChic
I'm especially glad that she's now showcasing her 'other' fiber art! Headcoverings that she creates and makes. Very fancy and beautifully chosen colors. I think I better start saving my money for some new headgears. lol

Also, I must add the one blog my husband visits frequently :
Hirhurim -Musings


Juggling Frogs said...

Wow, Miriam, thank you! Your blog is one of my favorites, too!

muse said...

I'm glad that you discovered mine, so now I've discovered yours.

Juggling Frogs said...

Oh my, I'm so behind. I need to catch up on both of your blogs. I printed a couple of the "shell" articles for a carpool time treat...

In the mean-time, I've been hanging out at Yahoo!Answers for the past week. There was an interesting question that I thought you might have particular contributions toward answering. Not sure if it interest you, but it deals with the race of Moshe in a way I hadn't encountered before.

Mostly I want you to tell me if it's all bunk, or if there's something to it. Here's the link:
Yahoo!Answers link

Hope all is well with you!

All the best,

Miriam said...

Hey JF, I think you (and husband) are 100% correct! from what I've learned anyway.

Also, I once heard that a sage... I think Rabbi Ishmael???? claims that all those people were a brown-ish color. Or a range of that.

I tend to believe that. I think its usually the very dark or the very white who argue what color Moshe Rabeinu was because they secretly have an agenda. LOLOL