Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An interesting Blend....News in my world(s)

Its so hard to think straight! So much is going on I can barely keep up. Somehow I feel its all related, but I can't stop time so as to figure it all out. Anyways, here's what'up in my hoods....

In Israel...
* The high holidays are rolling. We just had Rosh Hashanah, the new year. This is the time that Hashem (G-d) opens up the good book of life and name names. I hope mine and everyone's name is in there. I hope we all have another chance to be the team we could be. A team of devoted servants of Hashem doing His Will and spreading the Good Word.

* Yom Kippur is coming up. That's when we fast and pray and really try one last time, before the good book of life gets closed and sealed, to make sure we're in there! I don't fast well. But i'm eating healthy and trying to prepare myself for that day.

* Next will be Succot. This is the time of year we build booths (called a succah)and dwell in them. They are to remind us that its not our material things that we depend on; rather its the Almighty. More on that later.

At the same times all this is happening, we have entered a Shmittah year. Every seven years, we are commanded to basically, leave the land alone! The fruit and vegetables that the land produces becomes a free for all -unless its owned by a non-Jew (lol, then we can't just up and take his stuff).

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world.....

* Black women in America are making revolutionary changes. It all started with simple blogging and has escalated to serious undertakings and changes.

It started with one lady complaining about the plight that the African American culture has dwindled to. Nowadays, someone says "a black person" and almost immediately images of some guy with gold chains, gold teeth, fingers twisted in all sorts of contortions and 'interesting' English coming out of his mouth is what people imagine.

That is the image the media wants everyone to see. And that image sells! Its so wild, its entertainment.

Meanwhile, black women have been pining for realness. Wanting to have decent husbands that do not adhere to the propaganda of the media (copied from groups here and there who actually DO live like that). Wishing their children wouldn't watch those kinds of messages on television or hear those types of messages on the radio, etc.

So this lady wrote a blog about how black women should not sit around waiting and pining and hoping for that hopeless hope that black men will also decry what's going on with their image, or that day when many of the men in the black community will stop chasing 'other girls' or that day when many of the men will be more commited to marriage, taking care of their children, etc. Instead, she recommends that they find good suitable partners elsewhere. That they date outside of just African American men. Oh boy! did that start a ruckus. People's true colors really began to show! Many black men wrote hate mails to her, even suggesting that if there isn't enough black men then they should share and stay put! Some resorted to visited her blog with nasty messages, etc. But it didn't stop that lady. On the contrary, now her readers are starting blogs of their own about the topics that they really had hoped to hear about but, before now, only depended on mainstream media to satisfy (which they never did!).

Even more! Women are mobilizing and being pro-active. There was a recent protest against BET, an all black cable station that seems to loves to portray black in their most stereotypical positions. You can read more about that here. These blogs are getting media attention AND are shaking the media, the black community, and possibly the nation as a whole, big time.

Goodness, what changes are happening. Its like Hashem, being the orchestra conductor, so to speak, is changing the music into high tempo!


Tr8erGirl said...

Great observations!

Tania said...

I haven't watched BET in years and years, they do not represent anything "black" to me, all I saw was stereotypes. Most black people I know do not do those things, even the urban ones.

As black women we have to take our power back, kwim? I know what blog you're talking about and the haters sure did come out of the woodwork didn't they? some people seem scared that we are demanding better from our men. We are not waiting around for the "brown prince" of our dreams anymore, some of us have moved on, found happiness with others and people are mad. Kick Rocks I say!..too bad so sad, too late. If they want things to change they better step up their game.

Miriam said...

Tania -ok?! Thank you. You said it!

Sandra said...

Hi, Miriam. I linked to your blog through Classical 1's blog and I've seen your posts on other IR blogs too. So glad to see the word being spread about how proactive black women in the U.S. are becoming - it's about time. I hope we start a revolution. It's long overdue and it is probably the only thing that will save us. I'm not Jewish, but it's really nice to read your blog about Israel and Jewish life. I'll keep coming back. Thanks

Miriam said...

Hi Sandra, Thanks so much for stopping by! I really do think its revolutionary in so many ways.

Looking forward to seeing you again! Take care.

pioneervalleywoman said...

Greetings, Miriam!

I've seen you posting on the other blogs, and I stop by on occasion. I'm not Jewish, but I wanted to wish you a safe and happy Yom Kippur.

By the way, I just got a film catalog of various educational films, and I saw a few that sounded like they might be interesting to you and your readers.

The catalog is from the Filmakers Library: www.filmakers.com.

The films are:

A Matter of Time: the Jews of North African in WWII;

Black Israel, about black Jews; and

Keep on Walking: Joshua Nelson, the Jewish Gospel Singer.




Evia says : said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Miriam, and thanks for your comments. I love it that you're spreading the word about us to others in the world. This may the only way the real story about black women in America will get out.

Well, we can write and we can read, so nothing can stop us from telling our story. We are, in essence, creating our own news network--a network of blogs.

Thanks for helping us to spread the real "news." LOL! I appreciate you so much for that and for having the awareness that we're all in this together.

osk said...

MIRIAM (saw you on another blog)
Would you mind sending me the photographers name and info, my email is oskanabaul@hotmail.com

SheCodes said...

Hi Miriam,

I just discovered your blog. I'm finding it wonderfully fascinating! Thank you for sharing your unique experiences.

Miriam said...

Pvw - thanks! I actually started out as a Hebrew Israelite. long story.

Evia -I really appreciate that you visited my blog! Its an honor!

Osk - I sent you an email. Just be aware the photographer is in Israel. Is that what you want?

Shecodes - Thanks so much for stopping by! You give such encouragement to me and others! I appreciate it.

Common Sense Jew said...

Hi Miriam! Your comments resonate. I think that many successful and intelligent black people resent the irresponsible and wild image they see every day in the media. It's one thing to be protrayed as cool, quite another to be protrayed as a lowlife gangster with no real job. Where I live near washington d.c. the average black family is wealthier than the average white family. I have a ton of black neighbors and have never had a problem with any of them.

frumhouse said...

What an interesting post! I enjoy hearing your opinions on these social issues. Jewish women and African American women do have some similarities. I once wanted to do a Master's program comparing Jewish women's literature and African American women's literature. It's been many years, but the works of Zora Neal Hurston, Tony Morrison, and Alice Walker really touched my life..

I'd love to check out some of the bloggers you refer to..

David_on_the_Lake said...

You know..I'm just blown away by this diverse beautiful blogworld...
It's such a thrill getting to know so many fascinating people...backgrounds..
Thank you for sharing your world..

Anonymous said...

shana tova!

Miriam said...

CSJ - That is great to hear. Now, to just stop what the media is doing, making the "norm" that gangsta society of entertainment.

Frumhouse - that would have been fascinating -the comparative literature!

David -I am glad you enjoy it! In a way, you are a part of my world too!

Miriam said...

Nuch -thanks! gmar chatima tova!

bad4shidduchim said...

Good for her! The women in the black community tend to be more mainstream and focused, and it's about time they put their foot down, Lysistrata style. They deserve better than unfaithful rappers.

GoldenAh said...

This is the first time visiting your blog, didn't realize you have one!

I hear Israel is so beautiful, you lucky woman.

It's a shame that the richness of the black diaspora is not known in the media, and only thugs and rappers are shown.

The diversity of more blogs - about us - will change that.

Sandra said...

I'm dying to hear what happened at the Congressional Hearings on Hip Hop and Black Women today. While I doubt that there would be much more than a lot of political and corporate posturing followed by not a lot of action (I hear the record companies sponsored parties for the Congresspeople who were going to be "grilling" them), at least the issue is getting some attention. That said, I've heard nothing about these hearings on any of the U.S. network or cable tv channel newscasts so far, so I guess this issue has yet to capture mainstream attention. I still have hope though - who thought we'd have gotten this far with our BET/Viacom protests?! I'll check in with What About Our Daughters and the rest of the blogosphere tomorrow for their reports on these Hearings. Keep up the good blogging, Miriam!

Jack's Shack said...

Shana Tovah.