Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm a TWO! What are YOU?

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As I await, for my unofficial big brother, Jacob Da Jew to post on the Enneagram, I decided to post a little on the topic myself. (I call him big brother because I have learned so much from him).

There is a book called Awareness, by Miriam Adahan, which I love so much. It takes the same enneagram but puts a Jewish spin on it. So, all the examples are of situations I can relate to.

Well, I wonder if anyone will ever write an enneagram book based on other groups of people. Anyway, here's my random take:

Type ONE: Idealistic / principled type
Would probably be heard saying something like, "It's got to be done right!" or "its MY way or the high way!"
On a good day: She'll crusade for justice. Be very efficient and organized. Uphold principles just for the sake of being a righteous person.
On a bad day: She probably has low tolerance for anything that's not what she would do/ say/ think. Keep worrying over a 'fault' of hers. Or even feel someone deserves slow punishment to 'atone'.
My suspected biblical persona: Yitzchok (Isaac)

Type TWO: Caring / protective type
Would probably be heard saying something like, "How can I help x." or "here, let me do it for you." or "I'm overwhelmed!"
On a good day: She'll jump at a chance to do any act of kindness. Seem always cheerful and ready for action.
On a bad day: She'll feel unloved and try to do too much for folks. People please ad nausum.
My suspected biblical persona: Avraham (Abraham)

Would probably be heard saying something like, "I must succeed. I want to win!"
On a good day: She'd be running her corporation smoothly lolol. Making another million bucks. Seem always "on". Very capable of suppressing her emotions for the sake of succeeding.
On a bad day: She'll probably stay in bed and not want to face the world -especially not without her makeup! Will deal with immoral people for the sake of a goal.
My suspected biblical persona: Queen Esther.

TYPE FOUR: The Artist /The Unique One
Would probably be heard saying something like, "nobody understands me!"
On a good day: She works on being happy. Is very creative and unique. Enjoys her space alone but also loves being with people.
On a bad day: She'll think she's ill. She'll think she's going nuts or feels too much or wish she had thicker skin to deal with cruel people.
My suspected biblical persona: David haMelech /King David. He wrote the majority of Tehillim /Psalms. Had such a dramatic life.

TYPE FIVE: Data collector / Nutty professor
Would probably be heard saying something like, "When i'm feeling more exuberant, I can explain it better..."
On a good day: She'll come up with wonderful insights on various topics. He usually had a stamp collection when young, or some other collection.
On a bad day: Will be a loner.
My suspected biblical persona:

TYPE SIX: The friend / Leader
Would probably be heard saying something like, "My friend so-and-so...." or "I am committed to /devoted to...."
On a good day: Would make great community leaders. Calls friends up loyally. Are bold fighters.
On a bad day: She'd dilly dally forever before making a choice. She'll distrust a friend she once trusted over a happening.
My suspected biblical persona:

TYPE SEVEN: Action Oriented /go go go!
Would probably be heard saying something like, "so what are we doing this weekend?!"
On a good day: Will have lots of projects lined up and happily go about accomplishing them.
On a bad day:
My suspected biblical persona:

TYPE EIGHT: Confronter / The Lion
Would probably be heard saying something like, "Yeah, and what of it?!"
On a good day: She kicks **** and takes names.
On a bad day: same. LOL
My suspected biblical persona:

TYPE NINE: Very easy going / Dreamer
Would probably be heard saying something like, "Okay, so relax, we'll figure it out" Or "Oh, its not a really big problem at all..."
On a good day: Will calmly, persistantly take down 'enemies' like in the movie 'Unforgiven'. Will be at ease and be able to resonate with people with out feeling out of control.
On a bad day: Will stick head in sand.
My suspected biblical persona: Aaron haCohen /Aaron the cohen

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Tania said...

I'm number 6 friend/leader. I am loyal to a fault until someone crosses me and then I cut you off with a quickness. I'm working on it though because sometimes people do need another chance.

Happy friday!

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

I'm a number 4. That makes me officially weird ;)

Tr8erGirl said...

Awareness is a great book.......oh, I'm a 4......

Common Sense Jew said...

Maimonides says that a person should always walk on the middle path, and then he/she will be called righteous. If Adahan is correct, I have a multiple personality disorder and should begin heavy medication right now! This list is too general and puts people in boxes. Also the categories overlap. Or maybe its just me... I definitely am very loyal, but i also am dreamy. I love art, am easygoing by nature... I hate when people lie, and have some strong principles.

Anonymous said...

Tania - I hope i'm on your friend list! btw-that was SUCH A CUTE PICTURE with "wolverine" and his biracial son. too cute.

Fashionista & Tr8ergirl - My sister (also my best friend) is a four.

CSJ -speaking of the middle path. Its interesting, its only when someone reacts too x, or doesnt get riled enough about y, or angrily says z, only then that I can spot their type. But if I meet someone and they have really really worked on their middot /character traits ,etc., then I usually can't tell what number they are.

Miriam said...

what?! Anonymous is me, Miriam.

Halima said...

Hi Miriam

Jacob Da Jew said...

Interesting spin on things, lil' sis.

I haven't forgotten to post on the enneagram, just been ruminating on it.

Get ready for da bomb...

Jacob Da Jew said...

And where is your Technorati thingie?

Jacob Da Jew said...

Allright...Post is up!

Tracy said...

YAY! I'm a four!!

Hey Miriam! Great blog!

ArtChic said...

You do know a lot of fours dont you? Add me on honey!

Miriam said...

JDJ -I added the technorati thingy. lol. Wow! I had no idea!

Hey Halima -thanks for stopping by!

Tracy & ArtChic -woo hoo! You guys are deep!