Sunday, June 24, 2007


The tourists car sped up to the chase. By then the lady running as fast as she could, tichel flaying in the wind, her stick held up in the air and poised, had almost caught up to the thief who had snatched her purse a few seconds ago.

This mysterious black Jew threw her stick at the thief's legs and sent him flying to the ground. Quickly regaining his composure, the thief fled the scene, leaving the purse behind.

The lady's oldest daughter, who was about eight, finally caught up and grabbed the purse on the ground for her mother, they were both out of breath and paced about catching their breath and absorbing what had just happened. Her other daughter was catching up with the stroller.

As the religious lady turned, she noticed the car. A bunch of gawking guys looking at her and her family. There was a moment of eye contact. One of the tourist put down his video camera and tried to give the lady a nervous, but supportive smile, but the lady had turned away already. She was already regrouping herself -making sure no hair was showing, that her two girls' shirts were properly tucked in, that the sticks she and her daughter had once held up in bold defiance of the thief was refolded and tucked away in the home-made side pocket of the stroller.

Then, with the girls back into position on each side of the stroller, she dissappeared around a corner as if nothing had happened.

"Hey man, do you believe this!" One of the guys said.
"Its too much! What Yiddishkeit coming to! The other said.
"I wonder who she is" Said the camera holder.
"Who cares! Whoever she is we got it on camera!" The two guys high fived each other and shouted victory cries.

The camera holder was pensive. He resolved in his mind to find out more about this family...


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ArtChic said...

Oh Miriam! This is certainly getting exciting I can't wait to find out what happens next!