Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nachman Meuman Jews dancing at Zion Square in Jerusalem

Sample Na nachim dancing


Treifalicious said...

Oh, Miriam - how long have you lived in Jerusalem?

Once, years ago, close to 10 years ago, I stumbled upon a Black hair care store across the street from the Central Bus Station (the old one). It was almost straight out of 125th Street in Harlem. I had to check it out. I walked in and in fact is was like someplace on 125th Street transplanted to Jerusalem. With my hairstyle, I didn't need most of the products there but was glad to see it. I had a brief chat with the owner (a tall, thin woman with longish hair). She was married to a Haredi guy and said it was so hard to be Black in the Haredi world.

Lord knows I understand. It's hard enough to be Jewish in the Modern Orthodox and sometimes even the non-Orthodox world.

Anyway, was this woman you? Do you remember this store?

Miriam said...

Yes, the store is still there! The lady you are describing doesn't sound like the owner...maybe it got bought out. The new owner is 5'3" Liberian married to a Yerushalmi.

Its like THE grapevine place to get to know the Jewish sistahs in Jerusalem LOl

Ehav Ever said...

You have to give it to those Nachman Meumans they really are an interesting group. They also really know how to show up and make you smile.

Miriam said...

hi Ehav,

gotta love 'em!