Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The (NEW) Pashute Yid

I go to shiurim and hear about the "pashute yid". The regular guy who tries to do the right thing usually with a backdrop of shetl behind him.

Well, I think as soon as people really think about it, they will realize the pashute yid isn't what it used to be.

What I think of when I imagine the pashute yid is the lady around the corner from me who -like many many people i know and probably many that I don't know as well- who wear the proper outer garments so as not to make waves against the very powerful system of things. She puts on her headcovering properly, makes sure her clothing matches not the standards of halachah but to the standards of the "great powerful system" of things, goes out and does what she needs to do outside.

When she's done, she scurries back home and shuts the door tight. A sigh. Calmness, stressfree. Back to fear of Hashem and not fear of man. There she lives her Torah life and walks humbly with her G-d, listening to her music, happily doing His Will.


yankeenaijachick said...

Thanks Miriam for stopping by my blog. l hope you are doing well. Keep doing ur thigy on ur blog. l check by soon.

Ayelet said...

Oy. I fear it's true. When did frumkeit turn into this?