Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hi all,

Its been pretty cold here in Israel. And between Me and my sister not feeling so great, plus the babies all being cooped up in the house, we all decided to force ourselves out and have some fun.

We went to a mall called the Malcha Mall. Of course, its always a big to-do to haul out the double stroller, plus all my bags (I just can't travel light with young children), so I am sure we are always a site to behold. LOL.

Anyways, as we were preparing to go through security, the guard said we didn't need to; we could just go around the other (wider) door unchecked and its ok. Great, but it was another whole to-do backing out of the line and manuevering to the other door.

Then he came. It was a black guy in a trench coat. The whole time he was talking on his cell phone but then turned to us and said in perfect English, "you guys need help?" Then, like a true Israeli, didn't wait for the answer and started helping us with the double stroller and the door. All the while, in equally perfect Hebrew, chastised the people around for not helping us.

As soon as he was done helping, off he went, trench coat, cell phone and all. Kinda makes one wonder.......who was that man??????


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